List of personal projects in alphabetical order.
Projects marked with a * are archived old projects and/or unmaintained.

Project Description
after Echo a string after a process dies (OpenBSD).
cpass* Terminal password/secret manager using age encryption.
cuee* CUE file extractor.
dorts Dotfiles/config templating engine.
floots Automatically remove mastodon/pleroma toots.
hidlock Lock OpenBSD when a HID is attached.
humin Converts seconds to human readable time.
nlcc Compiles NIST lightweight crypto competition source files into a usable CLI program.
page Another terminal password/secret manager using age encryption.
pledgeme pledge(2) arbitrary programs on OpenBSD.
recreg Script that records a region of X11 screen.
reprose Basic Go package server.
sec* Minimal secret store using age with SSH keys for encryption.
sghs Shitty Go HTTP Server.
shite Static site generator script(s) in /bin/sh.
shlog* Old static site generator script.
status* Lemonbar status generator.
stsd* Secure Time Sync Daemon.
subc Subcommand package for Go.
wslcheck Go package to test if a program is being running on WSL.
yubilock Lock X display when YubiKey is detached on OpenBSD.


List of open-source projects I have contributed to in some capacity.
Spelling mistakes/formatting changes not included.