About me

I am Zakaria. My friends call me Zak. Jump to contact if you’d like to contact me.

I’m a CS graduate with an interest in information security, digital privacy, and cryptography.

21 • He/Him • Australia


I code recreationally in a variety of programming languages. I have worked with a lot of Python, PHP, C#, Java, and JavaScript in the past. Nowadays I tend to write a lot of Go, C, and I also enjoy writing shell scripts.

Git repos: GitHub, git.zakaria.org.

A list of all of my programming projects can be found on the projects page.


You can contact me via email at contact [at} zakaria.org. I don’t use PGP.
I can be reached via Matrix at zk:envs.net.

About this website

Hosting of this server is provided by Vultr.

The site is a static one; running on OpenBSD, httpd and relayd. HTML content is generated from Markdown by shite (which I wrote).

A hidden service mirror of this site can be accessed through Tor here: http://64wv2uqwjacqer7z5d6ooqgrvjwlioizmo7hgmxm7zxerbvgnoqhafid.onion.