Update Feb 2021: git server + hidden service

Here’s a little site update.

CSS changes

As usual the CSS of this website is ever-changing. I’ve changed it to be more monochrome, with blue highlights on link hover/focus and text selection. Headings are now all 1em.

Git server

I’ve set up a git server on git.zakaria.org using stagit to generate the pages. I followed a guide by poptart1. It’s a very well written guide for setting up stagit on OpenBSD.
I modified some of the scripts provided to suit my workflow.

I plan to move most of my projects that don’t require an issue tracker over there. Namely personal configs/programs.

Hidden service

During January I made this site accessible over Tor via a hidden service/onion service. I had some (layer 8) issues with the service provider and had to reset the server and so the service URL has changed a few times. The canonical onion service URL can be found on the about page or in the footer.

Why have I setup an onion service? Three reasons:

  1. Tor is a technology that interests me
  2. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to setup a hidden service (it was not difficult2)
  3. It’s fun

Because onion services can’t have subdomains, I’ve setup relayd(8) so the git server can be accessed on the service via a /git/ endpoint (this is only available on the hidden service).


Edit 20201-02-25: Apologies for those who now have duplicate RSS entries. I’ve redone the RSS script, so the new feed might have merged with the old in your readers. Removing and re-adding the feed should fix this.

  1. https://hosakacorp.net/p/stagit-server.html 

  2. I referred to these two guides: https://medium.com/@sarala.saraswati/tor-hidden-services-on-openbsd-with-httpd-52852f49358c, https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2018-10-11-tor-hidden-service.html