OpenBSD notes

Random notes on running OpenBSD (some notes may only be useful for a laptop install). Updated frequently.

Table of Contents


Hibernate on low battery

To hibernate at 5% remaining battery add in /etc/rc.conf.local:

apmd_flags=-A -Z 5

User power commands

In /etc/doas.conf:

permit nopass :staff as root cmd zzz
permit nopass :staff as root cmd ZZZ
permit nopass :staff as root cmd reboot args
permit nopass :staff as root cmd shutdown args -p now


Microphone setup

I have a fancy microphone that has a headphone passthrough. So it is both USB “speaker” and a USB microphone. Good news, that makes using it with sndio a bit easier.

Change primary sndiod device to the microphone (check dmesg for audio[0-9] device id):

# rcctl set sndiod flags -f rsnd/1
# rcctl restart sndiod

Switch mixer sources:

# mixerctl outputs.hp_source=dac-2:3
outputs.hp_source: dac-0:1 -> dac-2:3

To switch back, remove the sndiod flag, and change the source back to it’s original value (dac-0:1).


See full post for xenodm themeing.


Packet Filter (firewall). General stuff to remember:

Standard preamble

# options 
set block-policy drop
set skip on lo

# default deny
block all 

# antispoofing
antispoof for egress
antispoof for $vm_int

Allow NTP

In rare cases ntp can use tcp apparently…

pass quick inet proto { tcp, udp } to port ntp


Don’t forget to sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1!

# where:
# vm_int        = vm interface (vether[0-9])
# vm_dns_server = dns server to be used by vms

# allow ssh traffic to vm
pass out on $vm_int proto tcp to $vm_int:network port 22

# vm nat
match out on egress from $vm_int:network to any nat-to (egress)
pass in proto { tcp udp } from $vm_int:network to any port domain \
        rdr-to $vm_dns_server port domain

# allow icmp + web from vms
pass in on $vm_int proto icmp
pass in on $vm_int proto tcp to port { www, https }

# only allow X11 forwarding on the vm interface
pass in on $vm_int proto tcp to port 6000:6010


Manual pages as beautifully typeset PDFs

$ MANPAGER=zathura man -T pdf style