Hello World!

My name is Zakaria, I am a young programmer/inventor and I program Arduinos and getting into programming Raspberry Pi. I am also quite good at computer programming, such as; batch and cmd commands.

I am also learning html and css at “”, so pretty soon you’ll see a theme unique to this website.

I am fairly new to Raspberry Pi and I am very keen to read-up and learn about it. As for Arduino; I have created some fairly interesting projects, like:

- conversion of a old Western-Digital Hard Dive container into a yellow Larson scanner light. (using an Arduino Mini 05)

- Turning an old DVD player into a motorised panel – that slides out with a press of a button. (Totally Useless)

And many more,

I also enjoy Photoshop and have created some pretty cool stuff. Check it out at:

If you have any comments or concerns and would like a reply please include your e-mail and also e-mail me as I do not check this site very often. (e-mail:



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